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Self-Storage Pro is an invaluable tool to put the automation in self-storage facility management.  This tool gives you full access to all the data required to successfully manage a self-storage facility.  

From the 'Account' screen, you are in full control of your tenant records and information.  The color-coded account status visually helps you determine at a glance whether a tenant is in good status, delinquent, or in lien.

Visit our Self-Storage Pro website for detailed information about this management tool.

CustomDevelopment AndraTech Software provides custom solutions for any type of business.  We prefer partnering with your company to develop tools and applications needed to do your job.  Our teaming arrangements are simple and usually low to no cost to you.  Contact us via or through AndraTech Software Contact link on this page.

Our custom development has ranged from low-level device drivers and system drivers to high-level database applications, such as Self-Storage Pro.

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